Sosh Seattle: Poetry in a Cup: Coffee Flights

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The coffee-based tasting flights at Slate Coffee Roasters in Ballard will help you think more deeply about your daily brew. Don't come here to fuel up while you gaze at your laptop, pretending to work. Slate proffers a poetic cup of coffee that demands full attention of all your senses.

For $15, Slate Coffee will make and serve you every drink concoction they offer, including a few off-menu treats. It's the perfect way to nerd out on coffee in Ballard.

Ask for milk or cream in your coffee and face the desperate pleas of the barista to taste his craft first, before reaching for the milk. He’s right; few people feel the need to alter the flavor of the articulate, nuanced drink, a product of both bean selection and brewing method. Those that don’t do without dairy aren’t out of luck—it’s welcomed in the espresso drinks on the menu, which are given equal attention. The wine glasses in which espresso drinks are served at Slate simultaneously offer a sign of respect for the drink and highlight the absurd, Portlandia-esque obsessiveness of the shop.

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