The Fundamentals of Slate Coffee

    We're a small family operated speciality coffee roasting & retail cafe located in Seattle, Washington. Our hope is to give Seattle a 'clean slate' when it comes to coffee. In that vein, we wish to present coffee in all its simplicity. While we don't claim to be pioneers or unique in our approach, here are a few fundamentals that we adhere to: 

      Direct Relationships                  


    Coffee is community, which begins at origin.

    We source high-quality single-estate coffees from a number of different countries and continents in order to highlight the diversity inherent in coffee. For us, quality is always the result of collaboration. We often look for coffee’s that have a uniqueness or a special characteristic about them, and we try to honor our producers by being as transparent as possible with where our coffee comes from by giving you information such as the region, district, elevation, processing, etc. Our hope is to give you a glimpse into the story of your coffee, and the long journey it has made to your cup.


    Exposure Roasting                         

    Each coffee is roasted to expose its unique characteristics, rather than imposing a specific roast or flavor profile. 

    We roast with a philosophy we call exposure roasting. The idea is to roast the coffee seeds in small batches just long enough to highlight the characteristics that are inherently unique about them, without roasting ‘over’ those characteristics. We believe that this lighter roast allows for a better ability to distinguish — via taste — coffees with different types of processing, varieties, and regions, therefore honoring and highlighting all the hard work the producers put into making their coffee seeds delicious.

    Honest Brewing                               


    Exploring multiple recipes across a wide range of brewing methods to present the best cup quality.

     We brew coffee with intention and innovation viewing coffee as both an art and a science. We experiment by exploring multiple brew methods and recipes. Continuing with the belief that each coffee is unique, we brew different coffees differently. We're transparent in our recipes in hopes that collaboration can further us all towards the perfect brew or shot while simultaneously recognizing and appreciating that there is mystery and an art in brewing coffee.