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Producer:   Alvarez Family // Gerardo Mesa & Enriqueta Ceballos
Origin: San Salvador, El Salvador // Belén de Umbría, Colombia  
Cultivar:  Red and Yellow Bourbon // Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo
Processing:  Washed

This coffee blend is designed to be creamy, sweet, and balanced. A cup of coffee that you can rely upon, and find yourself coming back to day after day. This blend is comprised of two coffees, the first is a washed coffee from San Salvador, El Salvador and produced by the Alvarez Family. The second is a coffee from Belén de Umbría, Colombia and is produced by Gerardo Mesa & Eniqueta Ceballos. Together they make a coffee which offers no surprises. This is a simple and classic coffee, and that's why we love it. Look for notes of dark chocolate, toasted almond, brown sugar, and caramel sweetness.