Kilenso, Ethiopia

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Producer: Many Local Growers
Region: Sidama, Ethiopia
Origin: Kilenso Mokonisa
Cultivar: Heirloom
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 1900m

In the past, coffees from Kilenso would have been sold to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, blended with larger lots, and sold under the name “Ardi,” which was named after the nearby discovery of the oldest human skeleton ever found (4.4 million years). However, in recent years the coffees have been kept separate from mill to mill. This coffee comes from a mill owned by Biru Bekele and is picked by farmers near Kilenso Mokonisa, a rural village in Sidama, Ethiopia. As a naturally processed coffee, opening a bag of Kilenso is like setting off an aromatic strawberry bomb. Yet, upon tasting, you’ll find Kilenso to be sweet like angel food cake, with notes of strawberry, blueberry, and lingering powdered cocoa.